Precision Plastic CNC Machining Parts

Cases of plastic CNC machining parts

● camera monitor, transmitter,chassis, electric scale, connector, hardware, medical equipment, automatic machine,robot, drone etc.

Material of plastic CNC machining parts

● POM, ABS,derlin, PA66, PA6, PC etc.

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Customized plastic CNC machining parts


Optional Material for precision CNC machined components  

●POM, ABS,derlin, PA66, PA6, PC etc.


Variety of surface finishes for plastic CNC machining parts

● painting


The optimized tolerance for CNC precision machining parts

● +/- 0.02mm for Metal part, +/-0.03mm for plastic part


Quality assurance for plastic CNC machining parts

●ISO 9001:2015

●Every process be supervised by QC team:IPQC, OQC, FQC


Payment terms
● L/C(Letter of Credit)
● T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
● D/P(Document against Payment)
●Net 30 – Payment 30 days after invoice date
●Net 60 – Payment 60 days after invoice date
●EOM – End of month.


Q1: How can I get a quotation?

A: Send us an inquiry e-mail or contact us by skype, wechat or whatsapp.

Q2: What’s kinds of information you need for a quotation?

A: 2D drawings or 3D drawings or sample, even draft for samples.

Q3.Whether the drawings and documents provided for you are confidential?

A: Surely, We can sign a confidentiality agreement.

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