Class E/F/H/N 120V/230V/400V micro AC synchronous motor

Class E/F/H/N 120V/230V/400V Micro AC Synchronous Motor

AC 120v/220v/400v permanent magnet synchronous motor for turntable/oven/microwave oven/grill machine/washer/air conditioner/fire place/medical machine/home appliance etc. . This synchronous motor can be chose from insulation class E/F/H/N.

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The rotation direction can be designed to CW/CCW/CW&CCW.

These 120v/220v/400v ac synchronous motor passed TUV , UL ,3C certificate.

Small synchronous motor of JIUYUAN are exported to North America, Italy, Germany, France,England,Poland,South Korea,Japan and so on.

120v~400v AC synchronous motor with capacitor 50ktyz

Description of permanent magnet AC synchronous motor

This AC synchronous motor has two windings and big torque. The capacitor is designed inside. Jiuyuan is the unique manufacturer who developed 400v high temperature synchronous motor. The outline dimensions of this AC synchronous motor is around Φ50*39mm. The rotation direction is CW & CCW.


Typical Applications of 120V/230V/400V AC synchronous motor

● oven/roast

● microwave oven/turntable

● fire place

● grill machine

● washer

● air conditioner

●sanitizer machine

● home appliance

Quality assurance for permanent magnet AC synchronous motor

●ISO9001:2015 and ERR standard management system

●Every process be supervised by QC team:IPQC, OQC, FQC

●TUV , UL ,3C certificate


Advantages of AC oven synchronous motor

●Long life,low noise,big torque and economic

●The max.insulation class can reach 200°C high temperature, that is Class N.

●This AC synchronous motor can be designed as per customer's requirements.

●Excellent engineer team with over 20 years experience who can help you to get the best solutions for synchronous motor project. They will review your requirements and drawings carefully, then provide the thoughtful and professional advice.

●Built factory cover 3000 squares meters


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Corrugated carton , wooden pallet , Wood-based panel pallet or pallet with Corrugated paper corner.

Port : Shenzhen or Dongguan

Delivery time for samples: 7-15days.

Delivery time for mass production: 15-30 days.

Shipment for samples and mass production: Fedex, UPS, DHL, air shipment, sea shipment.

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