The global brushless DC motor market is expected to reach approximately $25 billion by 2028

Ten reasons for brushless motor and brushed motor vibration

1, rotor, coupler, coupling, transmission wheel (brake wheel) imbalance caused.
2, the core support is loose, oblique keys, pin failure is loose, the rotor binding is not tight will cause the imbalance of the rotating part.
3. The shafting of the linkage part is misaligned, the center line is not coincident, and the centering is incorrect. This kind of fault is mainly caused by bad and improper installation in the process of installation.
4. The center line of the linkage part is cocoincidence and consistent in the cold state, but after running for a period of time, due to deformation of the rotor fulcrum and foundation, the center line is destroyed, thus producing vibration.
5. The gear and coupling connected with the motor are faulty, the gear bite is poor, the tooth wear is serious, the wheel lubrication is poor, the coupling is skewed and misplaced, the tooth shape of the tooth coupling, the tooth distance is wrong, the gap is too large or the wear is serious, will cause certain vibration.
6, the motor itself structure defects, journal ellipse, bending shaft, shaft and bearing bush clearance is too large or too small, bearing seat, foundation plate, a part of the foundation and even the whole motor installation foundation stiffness is not enough.
7, the installation of the problem, between the motor and the foundation plate is not fixed firmly, the bottom bolt loose, loose between the bearing seat and the foundation plate.
8. The clearance between shaft and bearing bush is too large or too small, which can not only cause vibration but also cause abnormal lubrication and temperature of bearing bush.
9, motor drag load conduction vibration, such as motor drag fan, pump vibration, cause motor vibration.
10, ac motor stator wiring error, winding asynchronous motor rotor winding short circuit, synchronous motor excitation winding inter-turn short circuit, synchronous motor excitation coil connection error, cage asynchronous motor rotor broken bar, rotor core deformation caused by uneven rotor air gap, resulting in air gap flux imbalance resulting in vibration.

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