DC 12V 24V BLDC Micro Brushless DC Motor For Umbrella With Cooling Fan

Micro BLDC brushless motor is widely used for water pump/robot cleaner/advisement player/automobile rearview mirror / umbrella etc. with inner rotor.

Long life and low noise are the typical features of micro brushless DC motor .

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12V/24V/36V/48V BLDC micro brushless DC motor 

Description of inner rotor 4260 brushless DC motor
This BLDC brushless motor can be designed together with external control circuit board to realize various functions.The DC brushless motor is often assembled with gear box to get big torque. This micro BLDC motor is inner rotor motor.All the parameters can be customized.


Typical Applications of this permanent magnet BLDC brushless motor

● robot cleaner
● water pump
● medical equipment
● Water pump/ air pump
● Bladeless fan

● beard clipper

● Vacuum Cleaner

● Vending Machine

● Umbrella

● Vacuum cleaner

● Dishwasher

● Wash machine

● Gear box

● Home appliance


Main Performance of this permanent magnet BLDC brushless motor

●Built-in driver

●Rotation: CW or CCW or CW/CCW

●Optional function: PWM, FG,RD

●Optional Bearing type:two sleeve bearings, one sleeve bearing & One ball bearing, two ball bearings

●Alternative phase: single phase or three phase.  Single phase or three phase can be chose.

●Overcurrent protection

●Overvoltage protection


Why choose us?

Quality assurance
●ISO9001:2015 certification
● ERP standard management system



1.Quickly response in 24 hours and offer quotation in 24-72 hours according to the quantity of products quoted.
2.JIUYUAN’s sales and engineer all have profound experiences. We provide professional,reliable ,warm and thoughtful service for every customer.
3. Own 3000 squares meters self-built factory .
4. Robust design analysis provided free in every machining quote, giving feedback for potential issues and providing immediate solutions.Engineers available to discuss design/manufacturing challenges and offer support. We help you accelerate part production and save costs


Payment terms
● L/C(Letter of Credit)
● T/T (Telegraphic Transfer)
● D/P(Document against Payment)
●Net 30 – Payment 30 days after invoice date
●Net 60 – Payment 60 days after invoice date
●EOM – End of month.


Please contact sales for detail technology documents and solutions for all your brushless dc motor/brushless AC motor project.

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