Customized 12v/24v DC blower fan variety dimensions

DC blower cooling fan

Voltage Available
●5V ●12V ●24V
Bearing Available
●Sleeve bearing
●One sleeve bearing & One ball bearing
●Two ball bearing
Life Expectancy
●50000 hours at 25℃—Ball
●3000 hours at 25℃—Sleeve


  • Product Detail

5v/12v/24v DC blower cooling fan/centrifugal blower cooling fan

Description of 8025 mini cooling fan

The typical feature of this micro DC blower cooling fan is centrifugal flow. The outline dimensions of this mini axis flow cooling fan is around 50*50*15mm. The outline dimensions and mounting hole are universal. For

other dimensions of DC blower cooling fan, please inquiry us through phone or email.

Typical Applications of DC mini cooling fan

  • computer CPU
  • laptop
  • cabinet
  • ventilation
  • show case
  • air purifier

Main Performance
of 12025 mini cooling fan

  • Rotation: CW or CCW or CW/CCW
  • Optional function: PWM, FG,RD
  • Optional Bearing type:two sleeve bearings, one sleeve bearing & One ball bearing, two ball bearings

Advantages of 12v mini cooling fan

  • Long life and low noise
  • Reliable performance
  • Professional engineer team supports for designing
  • The electric parameters of this micro brushless DC motor can be designed



Q1: How can I get a quotation?
A: Send us an inquiry e-mail or contact us by skype, wechat or whatsapp.
Q2: What’s kinds of information you need for a quotation?
A: 2D drawings or 3D drawings or sample, even draft for samples.
Q3.Whether the drawings and documents provided for you are confidential?
A: Surely, We can sign a confidentiality agreement.


Why choose us?

●ISO9001:2015 certification
● ERP standard management system


a.Quickly response in 24 hours and offer quotation in 24-72 hours according to the quantity of products quoted.
b.Robust design analysis provided free in every machining quote, giving feedback for potential issues and providing immediate solutions.Engineers available to discuss design/manufacturing challenges and offer support. We help you accelerate part production and save costs
c.JIUYUAN is a real capable,professional,reliable ,warm and thoughtful manufacture.

Model Rated Current Input Nominal Air Air Noise Weight
Voltage Power Speed Flow Pressure
(V) (A) (W) (R.P.M) (CFM) (mm-H2O) (dBA) (g)
5015X05L 5 0.15 0.75 3500 3.75 5.15 28 30
5015X05M 5 0.22 1.1 4000 4.21 5.88 30
5015X05H 5 0.35 1.75 5000 5.55 7.35 33
5015X12L 12 0.1 1.2 3500 3.75 5.15 28
5015X12M 12 0.15 1.8 4000 4.21 5.88 30
5015X12H 12 0.2 2.4 5000 5.55 7.35 33
5015X24L 24 0.08 1.92 3500 3.75 5.15 28
5015X24M 24 0.1 2.4 4000 4.21 5.88 30
5015X24H 24 0.15 3.6 5000 5.55 7.35 33

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