Anodizing aluminum CNC machined part

Application of CNC aluminum machining part

camera monitor,transmitter,chassis, electric scale, oil well, medical equipment, automatic machine,robot, drone etc.

Optional Material of aluminumCNC machined parts

Aluminum/brass/phosphor bronze/steel/ stainless steel/plastic(POM, ABS,derlin etc.)


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Customized CNC aluminum machining part

Manufacturing range for precision CNC aluminum part

● CNC milling parts

● CNC turning parts/CNC lathe parts



Material for CNC machined components  

● Aluminum/brass/phosphor bronze/steel/ stainless steel/plastic

● Using CNC machining process to machine the die-casting part, precision casting part


Surface treatment for precision CNC aluminum part

● Anodized

● Zn plated

● Nickel plated

● chrome plate

● Powder spraying/painting

● silk-screen,lasering inscription

● heat treatment


The optimized tolerance for CNC precision machining parts

● +/- 0.02mm for Metal part, +/-0.03mm for plastic part


Quality assurance for CNC precision machining parts

●ISO 9001:2015

●Every process be supervised by QC team:IPQC, OQC, FQC


Machining equipments for precision CNC aluminum part

●20 sets 4-axis CNC machining center

●12 sets 3- axis CNC machines

●18 sets drilling machines

●10 sets lathe machines


Advantage for CNC machining parts

●profound experience and ISO 9001:2015 managment system

●Help customer to review drawings and improve structure, even built 2D drawing or 3D drawing 

●R&D solutions

●3000 square meters self-built factory and 1500 squares meters aluminum anodized factory

●creditable and thoughtful service


Place of Origin: Dongguan,Guangdong, China

Drawing formats: .STP,IGS,DXF,DWG

Package: box, pallet


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