5v 12V 24V high speed torque small carbon brushed DC motor pump

Permanent magnet brushed dc motor is applied to water pump/robot cleaner/hair dryer/air pump/blender/automatic and sanitizer equipment/electric toothbrush/hair cutter/hand dryer/massager/vending machine.

Big torque and high speed is the main feature of brushed DC motor.

The brushed DC motor is often assembled with gear box to get more big torque.

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5V 12V/24V small brushed DC motor for massager/water pump/ medical equipments/home appliances etc.


Description of micro brushed DC motor
The appearance can be black electrophoresis or galvanized with different color or natural color. 
This parameters of small brushed DC motor can be designed as per customer's needs.



Typical Applications of small brushed DC motor

● robot cleaner

● water pump

● camera

● massager

● medical equipment
● air pump
● hair dryer

● Razor/beard clipper

● Vacuum Cleaner

● household appliance

Optional parameters of 12V/24V DC brushed motor 

●Rotation: CW or CCW

●Optional Bearing type:two sleeve bearings, one sleeve bearing & One ball bearing, two ball bearings


Advantages of big torque brushed DC motor

●high speed

●big torque


●reliable performance



Please contact sales for detail technique information.


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