120V/240V AC micro synchronous motor for oven/roast/fire place/door lock

AC 120v/220v/400v high temperature permanent magnet synchronous motor for oven/microwave oven/grill machine/washer/air condtioner/fire place/medical machine/home appliance etc. including insulation class E/F/H/N.

The rotation direction can be designed to CW/CCW/CW&CCW.

These 120v/220v micro ac synchronous motor passed TUV , UL ,3C certificate.

JIUYUAN AC synchronous motor are exported to North America, Italy, Germany, France,England,Poland,South Korea,Japan.

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AC 120v~240v Class E/F/H/N permanent magnet synchronous motor


Description of turntable synchronous motor

The speed of this small synchronous motor can be designed. This AC synchronous motor has gear system inside to get big output torque. The height range is from 16mm~25mm. The outline dimensions of this AC synchronous motor is around Φ50*21mm. The rotation can be CW/CCW/CW & CCW. This micro synchronous motor is designed without wire but terminals.


Typical Applications of this AC permanent magnet synchronous motor
● oven/roast
● microwave oven/turntable
● mechanical door lock
● fire place
● grill machine

● washer

● air conditioner

● household appliance


Advantages of micro AC synchronous motor

●Long life,low noise,big torque and economic

●The max.insulation class can reach 200° high temperature. 

●Jiuyuan is the unique manufacture who developed 400v high temperature synchronous motor

This AC synchronous motor can be designed as per customer’s requirements.



Model Voltage/Freq. Speed Current Power Torque Temp. rise Insulation class Rotate direction
JY-0046 AC 120V-240V 50/60Hz 2-30 rpm 40mA 4W >10kgf.cm 65K B/F/H/N CW/CCW

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