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Working principle of AC cooling fan and DC cooling fan

Working principle of AC cooling fan and DC cooling fan

1. Working  principle of AC cooling fan

The  power supply of AC cooling fan is AC, and the power supply voltage is positive and negative. Unlike the DC cooling fan, which has a fixed power supply voltage, it must rely on circuit control to make the two coils work alternately to generate different magnetic fields. As the power frequency of AC cooling fan is fixed, the magnetic pole change speed generated by silicon steel plate is determined by the power frequency. The higher the frequency is, the faster the magnetic field switching speed will be, and the faster the theoretical speed will be, just like the principle that the more numbers of DC cooling fan poles, the faster speed will be.

2. DC cooling fan working principle

The conductor through the current, the surrounding will generate a magnetic field, if the conductor placed in another fixed magnetic field, will produce suction or repulsion, causing the object to move.Inside the fan blade of the DC cooling fan is attached a building glue magnet which is previously filled with magnetism. Around the silicon steel sheet, the axis part is wound with two sets of coils, and the Hall induction component is used as a synchronous detection device to control a set of circuits, which make the two sets of coils of the winding axis work alternately. Silicon steel plates produce different magnetic poles, which generate a repulsion force with rubber magnets. When the repulsion force is greater than the static friction force of the fan, the cooling fan blade rotates naturally. Because the Hall sensor provides a synchronous signal, the fan blade keeps running.

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