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What skills should be mastered for CNC aluminum machining parts?

What skills should be mastered for CNC aluminum machining parts?

Precision CNC aluminum parts and products are popular because of their light weight and delicate appearance. They are more and more widely used in industry and daily necessities.CNC machining of aluminum alloy is one of the best machining methods of aluminum alloy shell products.

Aluminum CNC machining parts skill requirements is that the control system can logically process the control code or other symbols of the instruction program, through the computer will be decoded, so that the machine tool action and processing parts.The blank material is processed into semi-finished product parts by cutting tools.

CNC milling is a more rational way of machining, but also a common procedure of precision machining of aluminum alloy, the use of multi-direction cutting function of end milling cutter, spiral cutting interpolation and contour cutting interpolation, it USES as few tools for the processing of a few holes.

Ball end milling cutter with spiral interpolation method can be used for continuous taper hole machining.Boring and chamfering can be done by using ball end milling cutter and spiral interpolation bit.End milling cutter with contour cutting interpolation, the hole can be semi-finished and precision parts processing;The end milling cutter used for machining thread can be used for machining various thread holes with spiral interpolation method.

If high efficiency aluminum alloy precision parts are processed with high precision holes of any size, the tool interpolation function can be used.Especially in the use of high-speed milling, the load of each cutter teeth is relatively light, so with the same coated carbide end milling cutter, can be processed by a variety of materials for high-speed high-precision hole processing.With the improvement of living standards brought about by the quality of life leap, many people are thinking about how to improve the quality, so is the process, the better the process, the more market demand will be higher, the benefit will also be higher.Shell processing technology is good to the number of aluminum alloy CNC processing technology, the customer's CNC machining processing requirements are becoming higher and higher.What are the specific technical requirements of CNC aluminum machining parts?

1) Select the cutting dosage reasonably, and the cutting speed shall be selected by the staff according to the required material, hardness, cutting state, material type, cutting depth and so on.These conditions are ideal for effective protection against small wear conditions.
2) Choose the right props.Rough car, generally speaking, a good choice of high strength, durable tool, so that you can better meet the requirements of rough car.
3) Choose a reasonable fixture.Parts to meet the needs of the machine, in order to reduce unnecessary positioning error, good choice of special fixture clamping tools.
4) Work front waist to determine the processing route.Shorten the machining route as much as possible to reduce machine wear and tear
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