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What's function of oven meat probe?(1)

What's function of oven meat probe?

1. What is a food probe or oven meat thermometer probe ?
A food probe is a temperature sensor, similar to a thermometer, that is inserted directly into the center of the food.
Food Probe technology is derived from foreign countries, and its name is Meat Probe or Food Probe.Its main function is to detect the core temperature inside the food, that is, the temperature of the food center.
6.35mm oven meat probe thermometer

2. The application of oven probe thermometer in China is very rare, is it an unusual phenomenon?
The use of food probe in China is not high, but for the foreign people who love to eat Turkey and steak, the oven with food probe can be called a professional oven, especially with ASKO, Electrolux, Siemens, Bosch, AEG, GE and other foreign household appliance brands for food probe to become one of the indispensable standard oven.Therefore, an oven without food probes is like an oven without soul, always missing something.

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