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What matters should be noted when using mini AC/DC cooling fan to ensure the service life of cooling fan?

In order to ensure the service life of the mini cooling fan, the following matters should be noted:

1. Do not touch the blade or the power cord and wrap the cooling fan or pull the power cord. The axis and the power cord will be damaged.

2. Please avoid dust, water droplets and insects, which may affect the life and produce defective products;

3. Do not use in flammable gas or any harmful environment;

4. Please use within 6 months. Long storage will affect the performance of the cooling fan due to the storage environment;

5. When the mini cooling fan is in operation, do not attempt to lock the fan for a very long time, as this will cause the fan to burn down due to continuous stop and non-turning;

6. When installing the fan, please pay special attention to the noise caused by resonance or vibration;

7. In handling or operation, if the small cooling fan falls from a height of 60cm, it will have several influences on the balance of the blade, especially the ball bearing to avoid falling off;

8. The torque of the locking shell shall not exceed 4kGF;Please do not use screwdriver, iron bar or other objects to block the cooling fan, this will damage the fan.

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