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What is the life time of the brushless DC motor related to?​

What is the life time of the brushless DC motor related to?

The lifetime of the brushless DC motor is associated with factors such as insulation degradation or friction of the sliding part, dysfunction of the bearing etc., which mostly depended on the bearing state.The basic influencing factors of lifetime for brushless DC motor are as follows.

(1)The quality of the bearing;

(2) whether the heat ventilation is smooth, the surrounding environment is dry;

(3) Motor life is affected by thermal deterioration of lubricating oil;

(4) The mechanical life caused by operation fatigue and heavy load;

In the majority of cases, the effect of heat on the lubricant life was greater than the weight of the load on the bearing had for the mechanical life.Therefore, the most influential factor for the motor life was temperature, which significantly affected the motor life time.

Brushless DC motor itself quality problems also decides the life of a brushless DC motor, brushless DC motor stator insulation resistance for new installation should be greater than 2 M Ω, rotor insulation resistance should be greater than 0.8 M Ω;The use of the brushless DC motor, stator insulation resistance should be greater than 0.5 M Ω, rotor insulation resistance is greater than 0.5 M Ω, such as short of one of the standard, should tear open come down to dry;Under the condition of drying of the stator insulation resistance should be greater than or equal to 1 M Ω, rotor insulation resistance should be greater than 0.5 M Ω.

Therefore, it can be seen that the lifetime of brushless DC motor is a lifetime of maintenance. With a regular good maintenance, the lifetime of brushless dc motor would live longer and create more wealth for you.

Motor maintenance should pay attention to: keep the motor clean, no dust;Often check the appearance of the motor to see if there are parts misaligned;Check the bearings frequently for replacement or refueling, and also check the terminals of the inlet and outlet terminals.

When the motor works, pay attention to the working environment, do not be in too bumpy state, in case of motor damage or reduce the service life.And appearance inspection, the fan is working correctly, whether there are abnormal vibration, coupling connection is reliable, base fixed whether fastening, listen to the bearing working is normal voice, the temperature is normal, conditional word, had better use infrared thermometer, current is normal, often can use clamp type current meter test, very convenient also, wound rotor motor also must check the carbon brush and slip ring.

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