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What is the characteristic of brushless DC motor of micro vacuum pump?

What is the characteristic of brushless DC motor for micro vacuum pump?

Main Features of brushless DC motor for micro vacuum pump :
1. The suction end and the discharge end can bear a large load (that is, a large resistance), even if the blockage is normal, it will not be damaged.
2, no oil, no pollution to the working medium, maintenance free, 24 hours of continuous operation, medium rich in water vapor, can be installed in any direction;
3, long life: the use of better raw materials, equipment, technology to produce pump parts, life doubled;All the moving parts adopt durable products and cooperate with imported high quality brushless motor to improve pump life in all aspects.
4. Brushless motor technology: adopt special imported brushless motor.In addition to providing two power lines (positive and negative), three additional signal lines are provided "PWM speed regulation, motor feedback, motor start and stop", truly achieving "full function";Motor speed can be adjusted, pump output flow can be changed by duty ratio, the speed is arbitrary.
(1) Brushless motor PWM speed regulation function: the pump flow can be directly regulated through the circuit (PWM), which does not need the valve to adjust, simplifies the air path system, can meet the load change, flow always remain unchanged and other applications;
(2) Brushless motor feedback function: The variation of pump flow can be understood through the motor speed feedback (FG) line.Through the coordination of FG signal and PWM function, it is convenient to realize the closed-loop control and make your system more intelligent.It is far better than the open-loop control of most motors at present (when the signal is adjusted, the motor will be over after the action is completed, and it is impossible to confirm whether it has been reached, let alone the next step of control according to the feedback).
(3) Brushless motor start and stop function: add 2-5V voltage to stop the pump directly, no need to disconnect the power line;Add 0-0.8V voltage to start the pump. The controls are convenient.
(4) Three start and stop pump control mode: 12V power on or off;Add 0-0.8VDC or 2-5VDC pulse width modulation line;Add 0-0.8VDC or 2-5VDC on the startup line.
5, low interference: unlike brush motor, there will be clutter polluting the power supply, interfering with electronic components, and even causing the control circuit and LCD to crash. It does not interfere with the control circuit.
6. Equipped with overheat and overload protection and perfect self-protection function.

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