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vibration is harmful for brushless DC motor/brushed motor/sychronous motor

Vibration is harmful for brushless DC motor/brushed motor/synchronous motor

The vibration of the motor will shorten the life of the winding insulation and bearing, and affect the normal lubrication of the sliding bearing. The vibration force will promote the expansion of the insulation gap, so that the external dust and water will invade it, resulting in the reduction of insulation resistance and the increase of leakage current, and even the formation of insulation breakdown and other accidents.

In addition, the motor vibration, and easy to make the cooler pipe vibration crack, welding point vibration open, at the same time will cause damage to the load machinery, reduce the precision of the workpiece, will cause fatigue of all the mechanical parts subjected to vibration, will make the anchor screw loose or broken.
Motor vibration will cause abnormal wear of carbon brush and slip ring, and even severe brush fire will burn the insulation of collector ring, and the motor will produce a lot of noise. This kind of situation usually occurs in DC motor.
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