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Type of motor torque regarding brushless motor/brushed motor/cooling fan/synchronous motor

Type of motor torque regarding brushless motor/brushed motor/cooling fan/synchronous motor

The torque setting of the motor is based on the load. Different load characteristics have different requirements for the torque characteristics of the motor. The motor torque mainly includes the maximum torque, minimum torque and starting torque. The starting torque and minimum torque are the ability to deal with the varying load resistance torque during the starting process of the motor. They are related to the starting time and starting current, which are reflected in the way of accelerating the torque.And the maximum torque is more often the motor in the process of overload capacity.

Starting torque is one of the important technical indexes to evaluate the starting performance of electric motors.The larger the starting torque is, the faster the motor accelerates, the shorter the starting process is, and the more the motor can start with heavy load.All these indicate good starting performance.On the contrary, if the starting torque is small, it is difficult to start, and the starting time is long, so that the motor winding is easy to overheat, or even can not start up, let alone can not overload starting.

The maximum torque is an important technical index to measure the short-time overload capacity of electric motors.The greater the maximum torque is, the greater the capacity of the motor to bear the impact of mechanical load.If the motor is overloaded for a short time in the operation with load, when the maximum torque of the motor is less than that of the load resistance for a short time, the motor will stop running and suffer from lock-down and burn out, which is often referred to as overload fault.

The minimum torque is the minimum torque during the motor starting process.The minimum steady-state asynchronous torque generated between zero speed and the corresponding maximum speed at rated frequency and rated voltage of the motor.When it's less than its counterpart.In the state of load resistance moment, the motor speed will appear in the state of non-rated speed of stagnation and unable to start.
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