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Toshiba launches 5A 2-channel H-bridge motor drive IC for on-board applications
Toshiba launches 5A 2-channel H-bridge motor drive IC for on-board applications

December 10, 2020 -- Toshiba Electronic Components and Storage Devices Corporation (" Toshiba ") today announced the launch of two BRUSh-driven DC motor drive IC "TB9054FTG" and "TB9053FTG" for on-board applications such as electronic throttle valves.Among them, "TB9054FTG" adopts the wettable wing VQFN package, and "TB9053FTG" adopts the power TYPE QFN package.TB9054FTG has now provided samples and is expected to start mass production in March 2022.TB9053FTG samples will be available from February 2021, with mass production expected to begin in May 2022.

Increasing use of H-bridge motor drives for electronic throttle and various automotive valves has stimulated the need for system miniaturization and cost reduction.In addition, the second generation of on-board self-diagnostic Equipment (OBDII) requirements, which require automotive motor driven IC to have SPI communication functions, will be implemented in 2022.
The new IC introduced today uses 5A[1] 2-channel output drive, which helps to reduce the mounting area.In addition, 10A[1] single-channel drive can also be provided in parallel mode.The two drives can be daisy-chained and have the ability to control the motor through SPI communication only.Both approaches help reduce the NUMBER of MCU ports.The new motor is driven by a 6.0mm×6.0mm small QFN package designed to meet the market demand for system miniaturization.
Main Features:
Built-in 2-channel H bridge drive
The output drive circuit is composed of DMOS FET with low on-resistance, realizing the 5A[1] 2-channel H bridge drive.A 10A[1] single-channel drive is also available in parallel mode.
SPI communication
Daisy-chain connection and motor control with SPI communication alone can reduce the number of MCU ports and help to realize system miniaturization.
Small package
TB9054FTG: Small mount area of 40 pins with E-Pad for wetting wing VQFN package
TB9053FTG: Small mount area 40 pin power QFN package with E-PAD
Throttle valves, various engine valves, foldable rear view mirrors and body systems, including on-board applications such as electric deadlocks.
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