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Three methods to ensure the precision and surface roughness of precision CNC machined parts

Three methods to ensure the precision and surface roughness of precision CNC machined parts

(1) Reasonably select the starting point, cutting point and cutting method to ensure the smooth cutting process without impact.

In order to ensure the roughness of the workpiece contour surface after machining, the final contour should be processed continuously at the last cutting.Carefully consider the cutting and cutting path of the tool, as far as possible to reduce the stopping of the tool at the contour, in order to avoid sudden changes in cutting force caused by elastic deformation and leave the mark.Generally, it should cut in and out along the tangential direction of the part surface, and try to avoid cutting the workpiece along the vertical direction of the workpiece contour.

(2) Select the route with small deformation of the workpiece after processing.

For thin and thin parts or sheet parts, the final size should be machined by several cutting tools, or the feeding route should be arranged by symmetrical elimination method.When determining the axial movement size, the lead-in length and overlength of the tool should be considered.

(3) Adopt the processing procedure of "fine before coarse" for special parts.

In some special cases, the processing procedure is not considered according to the principle of "near first, then far" and "rough first, then fine", but the special treatment of "fine first, then coarse", can better ensure the dimensional tolerance requirements of the workpiece.

JIUYUAN's CNC team always review the drawings and requirements from customer to determine the optimal manufacture technology for the precision CNC machining parts/CNC milling parts/CNC turning parts.

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