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The influence of electromagnetism on motor vibration

The influence of electromagnetism on motor vibration

There are three main situations for motor vibration:

Electromagnetic reasons;Mechanical reasons;Mechanical and electrical mixing.

Today, we talk about electromagnetic reasons:

1, power supply: three-phase voltage imbalance, three-phase motor phase lack of operation.
2, stator: stator core ellipse, eccentric, loose;The stator winding has broken line, ground breakdown, inter turn short circuit, wiring error, and the stator three-phase current is unbalanced.
Typical cases:
Red powder was found in the stator core of the sealed fan motor in the boiler room before overhaul, and it was suspected that the stator core was loose, but it did not belong to the standard overhaul scope of the project, so it was not handled. After overhaul, the motor squealed during the test run, and the fault was removed after replacing a stator.

3, rotor failure: rotor core ellipse, eccentric, loose.Open welding of rotor cage and end ring, broken rotor cage, wrong winding, bad brush contact, etc.

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