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Some tips about brushless DC motor

Some tips about brushless DC motor

1. Brushless DC motor: Compared with brushless DC motor, it is characterized by long service life, easy speed control, small noise and large torque, etc., and is generally a brushless DC motor with external rotor used for multiple shafts.

2. The dynamic balance of the external rotor of the motor and the material selection of the bearing determine most of the surface performance of the motor. If problems occur in these two parts, there will be obvious abnormal sound or vibration during the high-speed rotation of the motor, which is very easy to be detected.

3. The coil material of thebrushless DC motoris "copper core" or "aluminum core". The material selection of the wire core affects the internal resistance, service life and heat dissipation of the motor, so it is very important.In addition, the number of turns of the coil and the number of winding directly affect the output power of the motor.

4. Thebrushless DC motorhas a more important parameter kv value namely, kv worth there are many factors that can influence, such as magnetic steel material, the material of iron core, coil number of turns, fixed in the previous two cases, usually the smaller the number of turns more kv value, whereas a certain range, the number of turns, the less the greater the kv value, another is the coil winding of the number of shares, determines the current through the volume, under the condition of constant voltage, current, the greater the natural will lead to greater output power, but not as absolute.

5. The groove full rate of thebrushless DC motoris generally controlled between 70% and 80%, which is the best, too high and generally cannot be entangled, too low will be loosened due to vibration, affecting insulation and shortening service life. In addition, there is a lot of air in the groove, which greatly affects the heat dissipation (the thermal conductivity of air is far worse than copper).

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