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sleeve bearing VS ball bearing

Sleeve bearing

1. Advantages of using oil-bearing:

a. Impact resistant to external forces, less damage caused during transportation;

b.  The price is cheap (there is a big difference in price compared with ball bearings.

2.Disadvantages of using oil-bearing:

a. Dust in the air will be sucked into the core of the motor due to the operation of the fan motor and mixed with the lubricating oil stored around the bearing to form sludge, resulting in operating noise or even stuck;

b. Bearing inner diameter is easy to wear and its service life is short.

c. It cannot be used in portable products;

d. The clearance between the bearing and the shaft core is small, and the motor operation and activation effect is poor.

Ball bearing

1. Advantages of using ball bearings.

a. Metal ball operation belongs to point contact, so it is easy to activate the operation;

b. It can be used for portable products which are often operated in different angles and directions (but to prevent tumble or fall);

c. Long service life (compared with oil-bearing).

2. Disadvantages of ball bearings:

a. The bearing structure is rather fragile and cannot bear the impact of external forces;

b. When the motor turns, the rolling of the metal beads will produce great noise;

c. The high price makes it impossible to compete with the cost price of oil-bearing;

d. The source and quantity requirements of ball bearings are not easy to control;

e. Ball bearings use the elasticity of springs to position them and are difficult to assemble.

The advantages and disadvantages of sleeve bearing and ball bearing are described in detail above.

This article provides references for customers to choose sleeve bearing or ball bearing for mini cooling fan, DC brushless motor, AC brushless motor, DC brushed motor and AC brushed motor.

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