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Is the brushless motor alternating or direct current

The characteristics of brushless motors are that all motors with external characteristics of DC motors adopt electronic commutation are collectively referred to as brushless motors. Due to the appearance of brushless motor, the strict boundary between AC and DC speed regulation system has been broken.In the history of brushless motor, there have been two different brushless motor structures, namely brushless DC motor and alternating direction brushless motor.

The electric energy of brushless DC motor is finally supplied in DC mode.According to the way of obtaining the direct current energy, there are usually two main realization ways of the BRUShless DC motor, the ac-DC-AC control system and the AC-AC control system, which are commonly known as the square wave.

The alternating current commutator brushless motor USES thyristor converter to directly convert the 50Hz AC current into the alternating current whose frequency varies with the rotor, and its speed regulation characteristics are also similar to the DC motor.The input of the motor is a positive line wave.

brushless DC motor

In fact, the mode of the alternating current brushless commutator motor is much more complicated than that of the brushless DC motor. In the following naming, there are also some differences. The brushless DC motor always USES the original name, while the alternating current commutator brushless motor is called permanent magnet synchronous motor.

If the commutator is integrated into the motor, then the input is DC motor can still be called DC motor, but the high-power commutator is generally outside the motor, so through the commutator to supply the motor is actually alternating current.The structure of brushless DC motor is similar to that of permanent magnet synchronous AC motor, except that the input of brushless DC motor is square wave and that of permanent magnet synchronous motor is sine wave.

So brushless motor is not only DC, but also ac, according to your needs to choose.

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