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Introduction about Brushed motor vs Brushless Motor (2)

Introduction about Brushed motor vs Brushless Motor (2)

Small Brushed DC Motor:

1. When the small brushed DC motor works, the winding coil and commutator rotate. The magnetic steel (i.e., the permanent magnet) and the carbon brush (i.e., the two contacts that provide direct current) do not rotate.The industry small brushed DC motor is divided into high speed small brushed DC motor and low speed small brushed DC motor. There are many differences between micro brushless DC motors and micro brushless DC motors. As you can see from the name, micro brushless DC motors have carbon brushes and micro brushless DC motors have no carbon brushes.

2. The micro brushed DC motor relies on the contact phase transformation between the carbon brush and the rotor to change the magnetic pole of the winding coil. Therefore, the sudden phase transformation will generate sparks.The other point is that the friction between the brush and the rotor will consume the brush over time.Affect the service life of the motor.

3. In the maintenance of small brushed DC motor, not only the brush should be replaced, but also the swivel gear and other peripheral accessories should be replaced, which will not only increase the cost but also affect the performance of the whole machine.Therefore, although the small brushed DC motor is cheap but suitable for the motor requirements are not high occasions.

4. small brushed DC motor is cheap and easy to control. It only needs to adjust the current under rated voltage to control the speed.However, the torque is not large when the small brushed DC motor is started, so it is easy to get stuck in the case of greater friction.

5. Disadvantages of mini brushed DC motor: small brushed DC motor is large, bulky, small in power and short in life. Carbon brush is easy to wear seriously in a short time due to long working time or excessive voltage load.

Brushed DC Motors

Micro Brushless DC Motor:

1. The stator of the micro brushless DC motor is the winding coil, and the rotor is magnetic steel.micro brushless DC motor does not have a brush motor built in commutator, can not work independently, must have a commutator, that is, brushless electric adjustment can work.

2. The life of small brushless DC motor is greatly improved due to the absence of carbon brush.Since there is no carbon brush, there will be no electric spark, the current of the motor will be much more stable, and the micro brushless DC motor can work in the situation where no electric spark is allowed.

3. The micro brushless DC motor is actually a three-phase AC motor, which converts the direct current to the three-phase AC current by the controller, and commutters the phase according to the sensor hall element in the motor to make the motor run normally.Directly speaking, the micro brushless DC motor has a longer life than the micro brushless DC motor, and it is more powerful to start and saves power. However, the controller costs more than the brushless controller.

4. At present, there are about two small brushless DC motors with three wires. One is external rotor motor, the other is internal rotor motor.

Brushless DC Motors

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