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Introduction about Brushed motor vs Brushless Motor (1)

The brushed DC electric motor has a long history, more than 100 years.

The brushless DC electric motor has only around 40 years history.

Brushed DC  motor: brushed DC motor is a rotating motor with a brush device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (motor) or mechanical energy into electrical energy (generator).Unlike brushless motors, brush devices are used to introduce or elicit voltages and currents.Brush motor is the basis of all motors, it has the characteristics of fast start, timely braking, smooth speed regulation in a large range, control circuit is relatively simple and so on.

Brushless DC motor: brushless DC motor is a typical mechatronics product, which is composed of the motor body and driver.Since the brushless dc motor is operated in automatic control mode, it will not add additional starting windings on the rotor like the synchronous motor started by heavy load under variable frequency speed regulation, and it will not produce oscillation and out of step when the load changes suddenly.Medium and small capacity brushless dc motor permanent magnet, now mostly use high magnetic energy rare earth ndfeb (nd-fe-b) material.Therefore, the volume of rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor is one frame size smaller than that of the same capacity three-phase asynchronous motor.

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