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How to find a creditable manufacture for micro motor,mini cooling fan and CNC machining parts in China

Last year, we chatted with our client Mike during his visit at JIUYUAN, why he chose us as the supplier for precision CNC machining parts and micro motor?

Summarized Mike's comments as follow:

1. high efficiency  

He said it would take 5-7days to get quotation in the USA, but JIUYUAN often can offer quotation in 24 hours.

Furthermore, they can received the emergence samples in 7days. For 7 days, they may only receive the quotation from native suppliers.

2. thoughtful service

JIUYUAN can stand at the view of customer to handle all the processes. we can provide professional solutions or suggestions to improve structure or reduce cost for their CNC machining parts, brushless DC motor, oven synchronous motor, logistics etc.

JIUYUAN also review every drawing and document from customer to avoid mistake production.

3. Creditable and responsible

JIUYUAN strictly implement ISO 9001:2015 quality management system &  ERP  system to assure quality and standardized management. The quality of our product is perfect. Even so, no one can assure 100% products are ok. JIUYUAN are pay high attention to feedback from suppliers. We can resolve all problems pointed by customer and afford our responsibilities.

JIUYUAN can finish all the orders in time. If there are some special situation, we always communicate with customer at first.

Base on JIUYUAN's good faith and excellent quality, many customers also ask our to handle plastic parts, stamping parts, electronic parts for them.

JIUYUAN also has stamping parts workshop and plastic workshop.

JIUYUAN never cheat customer and pass the buck.

Choose JIUYUAN ! Choose assurance!


Welcome to our website to know more details about micro brushless DC motor,micro brushless AC motor, brushed DC motor, oven synchronous motor, CNC machining parts, mini cooling fan and so on.

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