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Current status of brushless DC motor application

Current status of brushless DC motor application

Brushless DC motor (BLDCM) is developed on the basis of brushless DC motor, but its drive current is exactly AC;Brushless DC motor can be divided into brushless rate motor and brushless moment motor.In general, brushless motor drive current has two kinds, one is a trapezoidal wave (generally "square wave"), the other is a sine wave.Sometimes the former is called brushless DC motor, the latter is called AC servo motor, specifically, it is also a kind of AC servo motor.

In order to reduce the moment of inertia, brushless DC motors usually adopt an "elongated" structure.Brushless DC motors are much smaller in weight and volume than brushless DC motors, and the corresponding moment of inertia can be reduced by about 40%-50%.Due to the processing problem of permanent magnet material, the general capacity of brushless DC motor is below 100KW.
This kind of motor has good linearity of mechanical characteristics and regulating characteristics, wide speed range, long life, easy maintenance and low noise, and there is no series of problems caused by the brush, so this kind of motor has great application potential in the control system.
DC motor is the earliest motor, about at the end of the 19th century, which can be roughly divided into commutator and commutator without two categories.Dc motor has better control characteristics of dc motor in terms of structure, price, maintenance than ac motor, but because of ac motor speed control problem has not been very good solution, and dc motor speed control performance is good, easy starting, can load starting, etc, so the current of dc motor is still widely used, especially in the coming of SCR dc power.
Application status: The application of electric products is countless.Fans, razors, etc.Automatic doors, automatic locks and automatic curtains in hotels are all used with DC motors. DC motors are widely used in aircraft, tanks, radar and other weapons and equipment.DC motor is also widely used in locomotive traction, such as railway locomotive DC traction motor, subway locomotive DC traction motor, locomotive DC auxiliary motor, mining locomotive DC traction motor, Marine DC motor and so on.
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