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Common problems and improvement methods during CNC precision machining process (2)

Common problems and improvement methods during CNC precision machining process (2)

Collider - Programming

The reason:
1. The safety height is insufficient or not set (the knife or chuck hits the workpiece at the time of fast feed G00).
2. The tool in the program list and the actual program tool were written incorrectly.
3. The tool length (blade length) and the actual machining depth on the program list were wrongly written.
4. The number of depth z-axis and actual Z-axis in the single program was wrongly written.

5. Wrong coordinate setting during programming.

To improve:
1. Accurate measurement of the height of the workpiece also ensures that the safety height is above the workpiece.
2. The cutting tools in the program list should be consistent with the actual program (try to use automatic or picture to make the program list).
3. Measure the actual machining depth on the workpiece, and write the length and blade length of the cutter clearly on the program list (generally, the tool holder length is 2-3mm higher than the workpiece, and the blade length is 0.5-1.0mm for avoiding air).

4. Take the actual number of z-axis on the workpiece and write it clearly on the program sheet.(This operation is generally written manually and should be double-checked).

V. Collider - Operator
The reason:
1. Depth z-axis knife error ·.
2. Wrong number of touch and operation (e.g., no feeding radius for single side).
3. Using the wrong knife (e.g. D4 is processed with D10).
4. The program went wrong (e.g. A7.NC went A9.NC went wrong).
5. The handwheel was swung in the wrong direction during manual operation.

6. Press the wrong direction when manual fast feed (e.g. : -x press +X).

To improve:
1. Pay attention to the position of the depth z-axis knife.(bottom, top, analytical, etc.)
2. Check the number of collisions and operation number repeatedly after completion.
3. The tool should be repeatedly checked with the program sheet and program before being installed.
4. The program should go one by one in order.
5. When using manual operation, the operator should improve the proficiency of machine tool.

6. In the case of manual rapid movement, the z-axis can be raised to move on the workpiece.

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