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Common problems and improvement methods during CNC precision machining process (1)

Common problems and improvement methods during CNC precision machining process (1)

A, The workpiece overcut
The reason:
1. Spring knife, the strength of the knife is not too long or too small, resulting in the spring knife.
2. Improper operator operation.
3. Uneven cutting allowance (such as 0.5 on the side of the surface and 0.15 on the bottom)
4. Improper cutting parameters (such as too large tolerance, too fast SF setting, etc.)

To improve:
1. Knife principle: it can be big or small, short or short.
2. Add the Angle cleaning procedure to keep the margin as even as possible (the margin on the side and the bottom is the same).
3. Reasonable adjustment of cutting parameters, with a large margin around the corner.
4. Using the SF function of the machine tool, the operator can adjust the speed to achieve the best cutting effect.

B, issues about divide the middle

The reason:
1. Manual operation by the operator is not accurate.
2. There are burrs around the mold.
3. There is magnetism in the middle bar.
4. The four sides of the mold are not perpendicular.

To improve:
1. Manual operation should be carefully checked repeatedly, and try to be at the same point and at the same height.
2. Burr the edges of the mold with a whetstone or file, then wipe them clean with rags, and finally confirm by hand.
3. Demagnetize the dividing bar before dividing the mold (ceramic bar or other can be used).
4. Calibrate the table to check whether the four sides of the mold are vertical (if the perpendicularity error is large, the plan should be reviewed with the locksmith).

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