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Center tool alignment steps for CNC machining parts

Center tool alignment steps for CNC machining parts

Take the center of the artifact as an example.

Workpiece spindle of 1, cutter left by the artifacts, remember the X value, knife, moved to the right of artifacts, on the right, remember the X value, the two X value, average, recorded in G54 X 2 main shaft is turned on, the front of the cutter on the workpiece, remember Y value, knife, moved to the back of the workpiece, close to the back, remember the Y value, the two Y value, average, record into the G54 Y 3 main shaft is turned on, depend on the surface of workpiece, slowly with the milling cutter remember Z value, put it into G54 Z.The G92 instruction is used to establish the workpiece coordinate system, which depends on the current position of the tool.

The application format of this instruction is G92 X_Y_Z_, which means that the coordinate value of the tool's current position in the workpiece coordinate system is (X_,Y_,Z_).

(1) A reading value M1 is obtained when a milling cutter is used to contact the workpiece contour in the X direction, and then the spindle is moved to the other side of the workpiece contour in the X direction to contact the two degrees M2. Enter M=M2-M1 on the tool complement measurement page.

(2) A reading value N1 is obtained by contacting the workpiece contour with a milling cutter in the Z direction. Then move the spindle to contact the other side of the workpiece contour in the Z direction to obtain two degrees N2. Enter N= mn2-n1 on the tool complement measurement page.Want to learn UG programming can add small MAKE up QQ: 770573829 get learning materials and courses.

The purpose of cutter to cutter is to determine the spatial position relation between the workpiece coordinate system and the machine tool coordinate system through the cutter or tool to the tool, and to input the tool data to the corresponding storage location.It is the most important operation content in nc machining, its accuracy will directly affect the machining accuracy of parts.The knife setting operation is divided into X, Y and Z direction.

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