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Brief introduction of motor temperature rise​

Brief introduction of motor temperature rise

The temperature rise of the motor( including brushless motor/brushed motor/synchronous motor) is: the rated temperature rise of the motor refers to the maximum allowable temperature rise of the motor winding at the designed ambient temperature (40℃), which depends on the insulation grade of the winding.

The temperature rise depends on the heating and heat dissipation of the motor during operation.It is often judged whether the heat dissipation of the motor is normal according to the temperature rise.

So what are the general factors that affect the temperature rise of the motor?Small make up to tell you that there are mainly the following two aspects of factors:

I. Electrical part

(1) voltage higher than the rating of more than 10%, the stator and rotor of the magnetic field strength increases, cause iron loss increase fever, low voltage and rated voltage up to 5%, due to the load power is basically constant, so the stator winding of the motor must increase current, make the motor load operation, this is an electrician in mandarin: voltage high fever, bulb voltage fever of motor.

(2) The mechanical part of the motor, the bearing of the motor is broken, so that the motor load increase, resulting in the motor temperature rise;The end cover of the motor is broken, causing the motor's rotor to run out of circle, the motor's rotor to sweep the chamber and the motor to generate heat.

(3) The foundation of the motor installation is not firm, causing vibration, causing friction heating.

(4) The motor's heat dissipation blade damage, or heat dissipation duct blockage, resulting in poor heat dissipation, so that the motor temperature rise.

Second, supporting machinery

(1) The power of mechanical equipment is inconsistent, resulting in a small horse cart;

(2) Mechanical equipment failure;

(3) the pulley tensioning too tight, or the coupling of the rubber parts damaged.

In addition, the ambient temperature of the motor is high, and poor ventilation is also the reason for the temperature rise of the motor.

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