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Bearing types for mini DC cooling fan, small AC/DC brushless motor and micro brushed AC/DC motor

Bearing types for mini cooling fan, small brushless motor and micro brushed motor

In mechanical engineering, there are many types of bearings for mini DC cooling fan, AC/DC brushless motor and AC/DC brushed motor. But there are only three types of bearings used according to their basic operating principles: sleeve bearing,ball bearing and 1 sleeve bearing + 1 balling bearing.

1. Sleeve bearing use oil as a lubricant and/or resistance agent, the early use of running low noise, also lower the manufacturing cost, but this kind of Bearing damage is serious, tang life mosquito ball bearings have a large gap, and the Bearing use a long time, because of the reason of the oil seal (computer radiator products can't use high-grade oil seal, oil seal) is a common paper, lubricating oil will gradually drop hair, and the dust will enter the Bearing, leading to a fan or motor speed slower, as the noise increase problems, serious still can fan eccentric trigger strong moving caused by the Bearing wear, appear the phenomenon, to turn on the oil seal or you'll have to buy a new cooling fan or motor.

2. Single Ball Bearing ( 1 sleeve bearing + 1 balling bearing) is the traditional including improvement of Bearing, adopting the form of sliding friction and rolling friction, match with a Ball Bearing is actually a dual Ball Bearing oil Bearing way to reduce the cost, it is between the rotor and is scheduled to use Ball Bearing lubrication, and lubricating oil. It overcomes the short life of oil-bearing, unstable operation problem. The life time of it can reach 40000 hours. After the addition of ball bearings, the running noise increases, but it is still smaller than the double ball bearings.

3. Double Ball Bearing (2 Ball Bearing) belongs to more high-grade Bearing, in the form of rolling friction, adopted two Ball bearings, Bearing the effective as small steel Ball around the axis, when cooling fan blade or axis of rotation, the steel Ball with rotation, because is a sphere, so the friction is small, soft and there is no hole in the oil issue, double Ball Bearing has the advantage of long service life, around 50000-100000 hours: anti-aging performance is good, suitable for high speed cooling fan and brushless/brushed motor, double ball bearing fault is the manufacturing cost is high, and at the same speed level of noise is the largest. Double ball season wind shaft and hydraulic bearing has good sealing ability, especially double ball bearing, double ball bearing is the embedded in the cooling fan, brushless motor and brushed motor, rotational part has no direct contact with the outside world. In a sealed environment,bearing working environment is stable, so almost all of the large diameter fan 5000 turn level using double ball bearing.Hydraulic bearings have unique return type mooring way, so the possibility of oil leakage is less.

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